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Ken "Kenneth" Londoner is an American actor born on January 16, 1978 in New Jersey. From an early age he developed his love for writing, which later on in his career helped him win a Tony Award, for the western movie parody which he produced and starred in. He graduated from high school and enrolled at the prestigious Faculty of Dramatic Arts in New York City, where he learned from the world’s best professionals and creative souls.[1]

Biography Edit

After earning his degree, Ken Londoner began working on his acting career. As a graduate at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts he was able to appear in a few classic Broadway productions. After a few years spent on theater stage, he moved his career to the big screen. By the end of the 90’s he had landed supporting roles and had appeared in few high budget films and TV Series. His on-screen career really took off in the early 90's when he started gaining more notice, right after his involvement in Problem Child. Some of his best known projects from that period include the 2003 TV Series Secret Lives, and acting and lending his voice to the web series The Supernatural Enthusiasts Club.[2]

With years of experience under his belt, Ken Londoner has turned into one of America’s favorite actors, winning over the hearts of both critics and audiences and reaching even great popularity. His zest for performance always takes him back on stage, where he had some of his early beginnings in acting. Nowadays he travels back and forth between New York City and Los Angeles as he continues to collaborate with the Maryland College of Art.[3]

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